3 of the Funniest Things Animals have Told Me

Awesome Funny Animals - Mr.Fantastic's

Mr. Fantastic’s

Mr. Fantastic’s owner was concerned about a few things. One was that she was overweight.

When I brought it up to Mr. Fantastic, she said “I know I’m overweight, but I’m not particularly concerned about it”.

It made me laugh, he’s such an awesome funny animals. What could I say to that? I was overweight myself and I wasn’t concerned about it either.


Rex was a very sweet and well-behaved horse. He was moved to a pasture with Mel, a companion mare and they hit it off quite well.

One day Rex’s owner went to halter him. Rex was kicking, rearing up, and being quite dangerous, which was so unlike him.

I was hired to find out what was bothering Rex and to see if I could help improve his demeanor.

The first thing Rex said to me was that he was sorry and ashamed of himself and he loves his mom so much.

As I was sending Rex healing energy, I asked him why were you so upset that day?

Rex told me that he had a fight with Mel, his companion mare.

I asked Rex to tell me about the fight. He promptly told me “it’s none of your business”.

This is the only time an animal has ever told me that!

It totally cracked me up.

I got it. If I had a fight with my husband, I wouldn’t talk to a stranger about it either!

Awesome Funny Animals - Rex
Awesome Funny Animals - Unknown

Super Lovable Cutie

This super lovable cutie is from the Humane Society in Red Deer.

He was being super affectionate as I was giving him Reiki healing energy.

I wanted to take his picture, but he kept moving around.

So, I said “stay”.

He looked at me and said “I’m not a dog”.

Too funny. I laughed and told him, “you’re right”.

You gotta love cats they’re such awesome funny animals.