How I Helped Establish A Better Relationship Between Lexi And Her Owner Kathleen.

Benefits Of Reiki For Horses-Joy's Healing Touch. 1

Benefits Of Reiki For Horses

Kathleen got 17 year old Lexi when she was 3. About 5 years ago Kathleen started having problems with Lexi. She would turn her back to Kathleen, walk away and then not let Kathleen catch her. Sometimes Lexi would be good and then she would start acting up again. Their relationship was strained and Kathleen wasn’t able to figure out what was going on.

She was thinking if Lexi disliked her and didn’t want to be with her, then she’d like to rehome Lexi to someone better suited where she would be happy.

Kathleen hired me with the hopes of establishing a better relationship with Lexi.

When I connected with Lexi she immediately started telling me that she did like Kathleen, wanted to stay with her and was sorry. I continued talking to Lexi and giving her reiki. I explained that their relationship needed to be mutually respectful and Kathleen was frustrated with the way things were going.

Lexi said that she would try to be better. She then told me that her back end / hind legs were sore and sometimes this is why she didn’t go to Kathleen as it gets worse when ridden. Lexi also said that she liked being the boss and was just being ornery at times


After our first session Lexi’s demeanor changed and she seemed happy to see Kathleen.

We had 3 more distant Telepathic Animal Communication and Reiki healing sessions. With each session there continued to be an improvement in Lexi’s hind legs and in her attitude.

Since then, Kathleen said Lexi has been phenomenal. When Lexi sees Kathleen, she comes to the fence and is happy to see her. She’s very pleasant, listens to Kathleen and is so joyful and happy.

Benefits Of Reiki For Horses-Joy's Healing Touch.
Benefits Of Reiki For Horses-Joy's Healing Touch. 2


Amazing, I love the positive results and experiencing the benefits of reiki for horses. Joy has been fantastic to work with and Lexi and I recommend her 110%!!! Thank you Joy for your help

Kathleen Iles – Calgary AB