Knowing When A Pet Is Ready To Transition

Death Of A Pet - Knowing When A Pet Is Ready To Transition

Not knowing if your pet is ready to transition and dealing with the death of a pet can be an emotional roller coaster. You don’t have to wonder. I can help. I have been told by pet parents that they felt way more peaceful over their decision and were grateful after talking to their beloved pet. Here is their story.
This beautiful 13-year-old girl Katie has been in pain due to injuries and arthritis. Her owners wanted to know if it was Katie’s time and what her wishes were.

We had a 4-way conversation with Katie, myself, and her mom and dad using animal communication and animal reiki. When I connected with Katie she told me that she was ready to go. Katie said that she was in a fair bit of pain and her stomach was bothering her. She didn’t want her parents to be sad.

Katie said that she loved her mom and dad and she had a wonderful life.

We asked her about the things she loved doing. She really enjoyed camping, fetching sticks from the water and playing ball. They reminisced and talked about their camping trips.

We asked Katie what her final wishes were and if there’s anything that she wanted to do in the next few days. She said she just wanted to be with them, go for short walks, and to eat steak and steak bones. She also wanted to say goodbye to her brothers and sisters who no longer lived at the house.

After their decision, Lana and Jamie felt more peaceful. They said that Katie was a lot more relaxed too knowing that her parents understood what she wanted.


Katie’s last days were fulfilling and very purposeful. She got everything that she wished for. Katie was intently listening and watching skype with her human brothers and sister when they said their goodbyes (Katie had never paid any attention to computer screens prior to this).

Her last moments were peaceful and when she left both parents felt a wave of peace. Jamie said I can’t imagine a better way to say goodbye to such an important member of our family.


“We contacted Joy because we had an elderly dog, who was deteriorating over time, and we believed that we had exhausted all of our options to keep her comfortable. Joy called me prior to booking an appointment to understand what we were looking for, and what she could offer. She used her experience with animals that are suffering, to work through options that we may not have considered, and it wasn’t until then that it was apparent that we could consider having her help us communicate our old girl’s wishes. She was able to help us understand, and come to peace with the most compassionate, but heart-wrenching decision, which was to plan our girl’s final days. It felt like a weight off of our back, and honestly, for our dog as well. Immediately her behavior changed because she knew we understood her better. We believe that Joy helped facilitate something that I think everyone wants, which is to be at peace in a time of sorrow and mourning the death of a pet.”