Dodge РA wonderful Testimonial 

Degenerative Disease. Dodge - A wonderful Testimonial 1


A wonderful testimonial about how I helped Dodge who was suffering from a degenerative disease that affected his spinal cord and nerves and had terrible separation anxiety.

My rescue dog Dodge spent the first half of his life crated in a garage away from his family. He was rarely walked, seldom played with, and never given the attention he deserved.

When I rescued him five years ago, I knew he had a high level of separation anxiety because of that early neglect. He would howl for hours on the rare occasions I had to put him in his crate,

Then I met Joy and I knew she was the solution I was looking for. I booked three distant animal communication and reiki sessions to help him with his separation anxiety and degenerative disease that had gotten worse in recent months.

I confess I was a little skeptical at first — I wasn’t sure what a distance healing session could do for him. But after that first session, I was 100 percent convinced of the benefits.


The First Session

During that first session, Dodge told Joy that he really hated his crate and that he was always worried that I wouldn’t come home. He said he wouldn’t know how to handle it if I didn’t come back for him (cue the tears.)

Joy suggested that I reconsider crating him and, instead, talk to him before I leave to let him know where I was going when I was coming home, and what I’d like him to do while I was gone.

And since Joy worked with him and I implemented her suggestions, I haven’t crated him once. No more howling. No more crying. No more stress for him or me. (And he hasn’t wrecked the house.)

Even better, I noticed a marked improvement in his mobility and energy levels after Joy’s first reiki session with him. He was in some pain before that first session because of his degenerative disease, but the next day, he scooted around the dog park like a puppy — something he hadn’t done in months.

His mobility only continued to improve after the next two sessions, and by the end of it, he said his pain was around a 2/10 — a huge difference from the 8/10 that he was feeling before the first session.

I can’t recommend Joy enough if you’re looking to get a deeper insight into how your pet is feeling or if they need a little extra physical or emotional support.

Degenerative Disease. Dodge - A wonderful Testimonial 2
Degenerative Disease. Dodge - A wonderful Testimonial


“Joy has not only helped Dodge with his anxiety and mobility; she’s also improved the connection, communication, and trust between us, and I can’t thank her enough for that. If your pet is having problems, Joy is the answer.”

Jennifer Blair