Separation Anxiety – Important Conversations you need to have with your Animals

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Just like you want to know what’s going on, our animals want to know what’s going on too. They’re part of the family. And, they need to know what’s happening in the family and in the household. This is the 3rd of 3 important conversations and why you need to have them.

Separation Anxiety

Somethings that you don’t think would be traumatic to your pets can be very traumatizing. Things are as simple as going to work or leaving on a holiday. Some animals go through terrible separation anxiety.

So, it’s important to talk to your pets. Talk to them like they’re a young person, a 2 or 3-year-old. You can either talk to your pet out loud or in your head (animals are telepathic so they will hear you). Explain things to them step by step.

When you are leaving your house, tell your pets where you’re going, what you’re going to be doing, and when will you be coming home. Be time-specific (I’ll be home in 2 hours). Yes, animals do understand time.

If you have an anxious animal, do not tell them to look after your house unless this is in fact their job. They will never relax because they would be checking out every noise they hear. It would most likely make your pet more anxious. Tell your pet to take a nap, relax, play with their toys, or eat some treats.

If you’re going on holiday, tell your pets what you going to be doing, when your leaving and when you will be returning (I’ll be back in 10 days or in so many sleeps). You want to let them know who is going to be looking after them, are they going into a kennel, is someone coming over to change the litter box, etc.

The more your pets understand what is happening, the less stressed they are. They need to know that you’re coming home to them.


My friend Sandra heard about this at my Animal Communication 101 presentation. She. started telling her 2 dogs where she was going, what she was going to be doing, and when she would be coming home. She said that instead of her dogs bowling her over when she gets home, they are now relaxing on the couch and has really helped with the separation anxiety in her dogs.

Sandra went on a trip to visit her daughter. She talked to Czar and Kayla about where she was going, what she was doing, that they would be staying at the kennel and she would pick them up in 3 days to try and help with the separation anxiety in dogs.

When Sandra picked her dogs up at the kennel, the ladies said that for the first two days her dogs would go into the doggie daycare area. However, on the third day, they did not want to leave their kennels. Sandra told them the story. They were amazed. Of course, they didn’t want to leave their kennels, they were waiting for their mom to pick them up.

Important Conversations you need to have with your Animals - Separation Anxiety