Important Conversations You Need To Have With Your Animals – Separation Anxiety

Separation Anxiety. Important Seperation Anxiety Conversations You Need To Have With Your Animals.

This is an article on a speech I gave at the Rimbey Health Expo last April. I thought it would be really important for you to know about it. Just like you want to know what’s going on, our animals want to know what’s going on too. They’re part of the family. And, they need to know what’s happening in the family and in the household. This is the 2nd of 3 important conversations and why you need to have them.

Household Changes Such As Empty Nesting or Separations

Are your children leaving home to go to university or work? Are you going through a separation?

Our pets wonder about things and try to understand situations. When people that our pets care about move out and they don’t know why, it really affects them and causes separation anxiety. Your pet may think that it is their fault that the person moved out. They become stressed and may start acting out or develop physical symptoms such as severe rashes.

You need to explain to your pet what is happening and why. Animals need to be reassured that it’s not their fault that your child or spouse is moving out. Will your pet be moving with them? If not, when will they see that person again?


I was hired to work with a dog named Pebbles who had started peeing and pooping in this couple’s house. Pebbles was very close to their daughter who had recently left home to go to University.

When I talked to Pebbles, she felt abandoned and thought she had done something wrong. Pebbles was struggling with separation anxiety.  I was able to get her to understand why the daughter had left and that it wasn’t her fault. I told Pebbles that the daughter still loved her and let her know when she would be coming home for a visit.

Pebbles was so relieved and felt much better after talking to me.

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Separation Anxiety. Important Seperation Anxiety Conversations You Need To Have With Your Animals. 2