Telepathic Animal Communication & Animal Reiki Healing


Joy did 4 distant Animal Communication and Animal Reiki healing sessions with Mojo. After each session, I noticed Mojo was more relaxed and started to enjoy life more. He started to wag his tail and play. He now adjusts to new people and environments better. 

Mojo was a feral dog for approximately 1 year and then lived in a shelter for 6 months. He was very fearful, timid and afraid of new situations and people. The shelter did not think there was any hope for Mojo. I fostered Mojo for a month and then adopted him. 

After working on Mojo’s training for a couple of months it became clear to me that I needed extra help in getting through his barriers. 

One of the best improvements I noticed is that he will lay down and fall asleep on his side, even when there are numerous people around. This shows a lot of trust and is not possible for a fearful dog. 

Mojo still has a little way to go and may always be a little timid due to his past. But he has come so far with Joys help. I fully recommend these Animal Reiki And Communication sessions as a helpful tool in a fearful dog’s rehabilitation. All dogs deserve to be happy and Joy can help them achieve that. 

Erin Wagner
Dog Trainer, Clive AB


Boomer came to us as a puppy from a litter that was left in a box outside at Doggie Doos.   His tail was always down between his legs and he was extremely fearful of people. He would bark and his hair would stand up.  Boomer didn’t like to be even a couple of feet away from me and was always touching me when I sat down.

When Boomer was stressed he would pull the hair out of his tail. I kept working with him but was not seeing progress.  I worried about his future if he couldn’t be around people.

That is when I contacted Joy.  I started noticing changes in Boomer after her second Telepathic  Animal Reiki and Communication healing session.  He relaxed quickly when Joy arrived, laid down and seemed to go to sleep.

After his third Animal Communication and Animal Reiki healing session with Joy he surprised me by sleeping downstairs instead of our bedroom.  He had never done that before.

Joy had one more session with Boomer and I have seen some great changes.  He hasn’t been pulling the hair out of his tail for weeks now.  When family comes over he is sometimes calmer.  He doesn’t always panic when around new people and even let a woman touch him as he passed by at the dog park.  His tail is up most of the time and he shows happiness as he plays or just struts through the house and yard.

Thank you Joy for your help!

Deb Gillispie
Red Deer AB


Cheddar was sold to his family without being properly weaned from his mother which resulted in him almost dying.   As a kitten he was always skittish and fearful.  He would jump and hide for most of the day if his owners were moving around.  

I was hired to work with Cheddar when he was 2 ½ years old.  The family had gone through a long stretch of house renovations.  Cheddar spent many days hiding in the basement during this time.  He was constantly scared, every time his owners moved, Cheddar would jump.  Even hearing a piece of foil being torn caused Cheddar to have a panic attack and hide for an hour. His anxiety level was through the roof and he started having behavioural problems.

Cheddar received 6 distant Animal Communication and Animal Reiki healing sessions from me.  When animals have lifelong trauma, it usually takes several sessions to get the best results.

Cheddar told me that he didn’t like feeling scared all of the time.  He also found it hard to be left alone for long periods.  I explained that his owners really loved him but had no choice but to leave him when they had to go to work.  We talked about the possibility of getting a kitten to help keep him company.  At first he didn’t like the idea but he became more receptive to this as our sessions progressed.

After 3 sessions Cheddar was still skittish but started being really cuddly.  After his 5th session Cheddar climbed onto both of his owner’s laps a couple of different times and started purring.  This was a huge improvement as Cheddar had only done that once since he was a kitten.  He was happier, friendly and a much calmer cat.

Right after my final Animal Reiki and communication healing session with Cheddar, I got some exciting news.  A friend of Becky’s came over, who was a stranger to Cheddar, to drop off some stuff.  Cheddar didn’t run away at all.  He stayed in the room, sniffed the things she brought and then went to say hello to her.  This was a huge milestone for Cheddar. He always ran away from strangers before that.

I am so grateful to have helped Cheddar to become a more calm and confident cat who can now enjoy his life.

Are you feeling desperate, or helpless and not sure where to turn?

Are you curious to find out why your pet is behaving differently?

Did you know that your pet has wants, needs and desires too?

Many emotional and behavioral problems animals have are caused by confusion and lack of clear animal communication, between the pet and pet parent. It is important to find out what your pet is thinking and to understand their viewpoint. Sometimes emotional and behavioral issues could be linked to:

  • the death of loved ones or other pets in the household
  • household and family changes or change of environment
  • an upcoming surgery or health issue
  • upset or hostility between other animals or family members
  • emotional issues such as fear, separation anxiety, depression, grief, trauma, abuse and abandonment.  

As an Animal Communicator, I help people and animals understand each other better and gain resolution.  Just like people animals need situations to be explained to them in a clear and understanding way. Finding out the reason behind these emotions, along with comforting and explaining things to your pet, facilitates the healing process. 

Some amazing transformations I have seen include:

  • Accelerated healing from injuries and illnesses
  • Rescue animals who are fearful and anxious, becoming calm and confident
  • Resolving hostile relationship issues between animals
  • Ceasing of inappropriate elimination
  • Significant reduction in separation anxiety


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 We adopted Bailee from the Humane Society and immediately found out that she suffered from terrible separation anxiety. Bailee was destroying everything in our house. She ripped up a chain link fence and chewed her way out of a plastic kennel.

Our house was on lock down. Nothing on the counters, baby locks on lower cupboard doors, bedroom and bathroom room doors shut. We had her on 2 different types of medications to calm her down. Nothing worked. It got so bad we didn’t know what to do.

There had to be another way and Joy’s Healing Touch was THE WAY!

Joy gave Bailee seven Animal Reiki and communication healing sessions and was able to turn her life around. Bailee stopped destroying our house. She no longer panicked when we left our home.

Using what Joy taught us, we were able to reassure Bailee that we loved her so much and that this was her FOREVER home. Thank you Joy!

Linda Mack
Red Deer


Dodge had Terrible Separation Anxiety and was suffering from a degenerative disease called Myelopathy which affects the spinal cord and nerves.

Dodge spent the first half of his life crated in a garage away from his family. He was rarely walked, seldom played with, and never given the attention he deserved. When I rescued him five years ago, I knew he had a high level of separation anxiety because of that early neglect. He would howl for hours on the rare occasions I had to put him in his crate.

Then I met Joy and I knew she was the solution I was looking for. I booked three distant Animal Reiki and communication sessions to help him with his separation anxiety and a degenerative disease that had gotten worse in recent months.

During that first healing session, Joy received information that Dodge really hated his crate and was always worried that I wouldn’t come home. He said he wouldn’t know how to handle it if I didn’t come back for him (cue the tears).

Joy suggested that I reconsider crating him and, instead, talk to him before I leave to let him know where I was going, when I was coming home, and what I’d like him to do while I was gone. And since Joy worked with him and I implemented her suggestions, I haven’t crated him once. No more howling. No more crying. No more stress for him or me. (And he hasn’t wrecked the house.)

Even better, I noticed a marked improvement in his mobility and energy levels after Joy’s first animal reiki session with him. He was in some pain before that first session because of his degenerative disease, but the next day, he scooted around the dog park like a puppy — something he hadn’t done in months. His mobility only continued to improve after the next two sessions, and by the end of it, he said his pain was around a 2/10 — a huge difference from the 8/10 that he was feeling before the first session.

I can’t recommend Joy enough if you’re looking to get deeper insight into how your pet is feeling or if they need a little extra physical or emotional support.   Joy has not only helped Dodge with his anxiety and mobility; she’s also improved the connection, animal communication, and trust between us, and I can’t thank her enough for that. If your pet is having problems, Joy is the answer.   

Jennifer Blair
Sylvan Lake AB

Death And Dying

I can help you both through the dying process. Understanding your animals’ needs and your own can be very helpful in finding peace and completion.

Our animals can help us with the decision making process; to let us know if they’re ready to go. What are their last wishes? Do they want to spend time with certain family members or animal friends before they go?

I can tell your animal what they meant to you; the things they did that you really appreciated. This means a lot to your animal companion.

Our animals grieve too. A death in the family, or death of another animal in the family, can have a traumatic effect on our animal companions. Often our animals have no idea what is going on. They can become stressed, despondent or even develop physical symptoms such as rashes.

An animal communication session with your animal is a great form of communication to discuss the death, how and what they are feeling, what they need from us, can help immensely.


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Simba was at home with his best friend Mandy when she had a stroke. The owner’s son Joe arrived to find Mandy lying on the floor with her tongue hanging out and not responding. Mandy was fine when Joe had left for work that morning. He called his mother and Mandy passed as they were talking. Mandy was subsequently buried at the family farm with Simba there to say goodbye.

Concerned with how Simba was doing, I was hired to help him deal with the passing of his sister Mandy.

I asked Simba what happened as I was sending him Reiki healing energy. He told me that Mandy fell down and he didn’t know what to do. He felt helpless. Simba said it was horrible to see Mandy die, she was his best friend and he was very sad.

Even though Simba was very sad, he was putting on a brave face for Joe. He said that it was his job to cheer him up. I explained to Simba that it was also okay for him to grieve too. It was good for him to spend some time being sad so he could process the pain that he was feeling.

Marion and her daughter returned home and Simba was depressed for a few days. When people who knew both Mandy and Simba would visit, Simba would start barking at them. He was trying to tell them about Mandy. So Marion would tell them about Mandy’s passing and Simba would be content for the rest of the visit.

Whenever something reminded Marion about Mandy, She talked out loud with Simba about the happy memories and great qualities of Mandy. This made Simba feel really good and has helped with his grieving. He seems to be more and more at ease every day.


Kelly became very sick with seizures and the onset of doggie dementia. He started medications and was doing a bit better. He still had seizures, was wobbly and spells where he would get disorientated and just stand staring at the wall.

I was concerned about his quality of life and wanted to know if it was his time. Joy came in and did an Animal Reiki and communication healing session with Kelly. He told Joy he was happy he was doing better and was not concerned about his spells. He wanted me to stop worrying about him.

Four months later Kelly was very restless, panting and would pace for long periods of time. I was concerned about how he was doing. Again, I got Joy to talk to Kelly. He said that he was not in pain and wasn’t ready to go. He wanted me to stop worrying about him so much.

A month later Kelly seemed so tired I had Joy talk to him. Kelly told her that it was his time and what his last wishes were. He wanted it to happen at home, with his brother Striker (our other Springer Spaniel) and immediate family. Knowing that he was ready to transition made my decision easier.

Kelly had a good last couple of days before we had the vet come to the house. Joy was there as well. She explained to Kelly and to Striker what to expect and sent Reiki to everyone in the room. Striker had been laying on the floor by Kelly. When it came time for the injection, Striker got up and went into his crate. Joy followed Striker to comfort him. She was so wonderful in making this difficult experience a beautiful one. Both dogs understood what was going to happen and where Kelly was going.

Joy’s dedication to her work is evident in how she interacts with animals. I want everyone to know the good work that Joy does.

Jo-Anne McLuhan
Red Deer AB

Afterlife Communications

Afterlife animal communications can help immensely in coping with grief and loss.  Sometimes we feel guilty about our pet’s death.  There may be something you never had the chance to tell her.  You can ask her anything you want.  Our pets are happy to be able to talk to us after they have passed.  They have our best interests at heart and do not want to see us to suffer.


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Colonel was very special to our family in many ways. She was sick throughout her life but prevailed and spent more than 5 years with us. I let her out one day for 20 minutes and she was gone. We live out in the country so anything could have happened.

Through the night & days of looking and calling for Colonel, I contacted Joy for guidance & assistance. She confirmed that Colonel had passed and did not want me to continue looking for her.

I had an Afterlife Animal Communication Session with Joy. Colonel would not talk about what happened to her. She told me how much she loved me and to not feel guilty about letting her outside. Colonel said to watch and feel for her on my left shoulder. This was where my beloved Colonel would lay with me. I never had any conversation of this with Joy. 

Colonel also shared with me about reincarnation. She told Joy that she would be coming back to me and it would be soon. And we did have a little frail kitten come along. Little Chester would lay on my left shoulder, took over Colonels bed and layed on her salt lamp. Chester was a true gift from Colonel! Unfortunately, Chester passed shortly thereafter.

If you have any doubt, believe me, there is none! Joy has beautiful gifts & talents and I am truly blessed to have connected with her.

If your beloved one has crossed, contact Joy. You will not be disappointed! Thank you Joy for being there for me and Colonel.

Shauna Wills
Spruce View AB

How I Work

I currently serve pets all over the world, all sessions are completed distantly and a photo is required of your pet.

Sessions include a combination of Animal Reiki and Animal Communication for best results.

In home sessions can be arranged if within a 30 km radius of Red Deer AB area.

Treatment time varies with each animal.


See How I Can Best Support You & Your Pet


Phoenix was a few months old when she was found as a stray and taken to the Humane Society. She was adopted by Monica shortly thereafter.

Monica hired me to help Pheonix who had been very reactive and aggressive towards other dogs for a couple of years.

I’ve did a 3 distant animal communication and animalReiki healing sessions with Phoenix. During our first session, Pheonix told me she had always been anxious and didn’t know why. She said she had been beaten up and bullied by other dogs when she was a stray. She thought dogs were scary and didn’t trust them.

During my last session with Phoenix she told me that she was feeling braver now.

Monica’s feedback was that Phoenix is happier and more chilled rather than being in a state of “high alert”. It is easier for her to get Phoenix from going crazy when she sees other dogs.


I adopted 5 year old Mick from a rescue as a friend for my Husky. A month later while we were out on a walk, my Husky was shot and killed with Mick present. So Mick had been through a lot of trauma.

Mick was on high alert 24/7 and never relaxed. He was afraid of being touched too much. Mick seemed happy to be with me but lost at the same time. He would run out to go pee and run back in as fast as he could. Mick would not go anywhere in my yard alone.

Joy gave Mick 4 treatments. After the second session, I noticed Mick was a little calmer. After the 4th treatment, Mick went out in the morning and walked the whole yard, smelling and just relaxed. He now will lay down and sleep which is huge as he never really slept before.

If I walk by him he will actually lay there instead of flying up and running. Mick even jumped up on the bed one morning and cuddled with me. Joy’s treatments helped Mick with his confidence and relaxing.

Thank you Joy for your help.

Barb Herbert
Norglenwold AB

People give up their pets because they don’t know how to help them. I want you to know that I can help.

If you know anybody out there who has suffering animal friends with behavioral issues with any type of pet, whether it be a parrot, rabbit, horse, cat or dog, I can help bring harmony into their relationship with the benefits of reiki.

You don’t have to give your animals away to shelters or rescue centers.

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